Sunday, June 12, 2011

A day for this, a day for that (reflective)

Time to put a little structure into BooksYALove (but promise me that you'll try some titles outside your "favorite" genre):

Mysterious Mondays - because there's not a day that starts with P for paranormal! Books featured on Monday will have elements of the supernatural, mystery, magic, or other paranormal characters and situations. Quite a few recommendations recently in this category, like Awaken (futuristic), House of Dead Maids (ghosts, mystery), and Kat, Incorrigible (magic, alternate history).

World Wednesdays - getting away from the confines of home. Find a different place in the world with every Wednesday book, set in a country outside the USA. Recent recommendations in this group include Mamba Point (Liberia) and Stolen (Australia).

Fun Fridays - going into the weekend with a grin. Friday books will range from humorous ways that characters cope with life (Ten Miles Past Normal) to crafty books (Little Green Dresses) to graphic novels (I Love Him to Pieces).

Oh, Tuesday and Thursday? Gotta have time for books that don't fit in these three boxes, although sometimes they'll have books with theme-day elements (especially when a series is covered over successive days). Lots of realistic fiction here, like Zen & Xander Undone and Last Summer of the Death Warriors.

Watch for some Reflective Sundays, like last week's post on YA Saves! and perhaps the occasional Sneak-in Saturday, where I discuss a book that - dang it - has gone shooting toward the bestseller lists before I got a chance to showcase it here, and I just love it too much to leave it off our lists here.

Think this'll work? Any "hidden gem" titles that I need to include on BooksYALove?


  1. Love these categories. Kudos! Plus, I think it will be a huge help to people who prefer a certain theme/genre. For me, I'll still be checking in daily. Don't want to miss any of your recommendations.

  2. Thanks, Tia! I'm glad to know that this arrangement will be helpful for you. Has your daughter filled up her "I gotta read this" list for the summer yet?



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