Tuesday, November 1, 2011

After the Kiss, by Terra Elan McVoy (fiction) - one kiss, one photo, several broken hearts

Modern technology - friend or foe?
Starting over again - easy or hard?
Broken trust - mend or abandon?

A novel in verse with two voices, two viewpoints, and countless ripples of intersecting lives and repercussions....

Book info: After the Kiss / Terra Elan McVoy. Simon Pulse, 2010. [author's site] [publisher site]

Recommendation: Starting her senior year in a new city, Camille kisses a cute boy just once, starting a painful chain of events as a cellphone photo of “The Kiss” gets back to his girlfriend, Becca.

Camille journals her longing to be with her boyfriend back in Chicago (her dad’s job makes them move so often) or with her best friend in San Francisco instead of being on the fringes of this group of lifelong friends who hang out at the lake house on weekends, savoring one last school year together. At least the puppies at the animal shelter in Atlanta accept her and love her.

Becca’s poems reflect her world – her adoration of haiku-writing baseball catcher Alec, her shock at causing a fender-bender accident and having to get a coffeehouse job to pay the repair bills, and her helplessness after seeing the photo of “The Kiss.”

Camille does her writing after school in Becca’s coffeehouse, but neither one knows the identity of the other until one heartstopping afternoon. Can Becca’s future include Alec? Is happiness waiting for Camille in Chicago?

Alternating chapters of poetry and journal entries look for answers on how life can go on when plans don’t go according to plan. (One of 5,000 books recommended on www.abookandahug.com) Review copy courtesy of the publisher.

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