Friday, November 25, 2011

My Life Undecided (fiction)

Welcome to Fun Friday (for us) as Brooklyn is not having any fun anymore -
grounded by her parents forever,
shunned by her so-called friends at school,
performing community service to make up for her stupid decisions...

Why not let others decide everything for her for a while? As her blog readers' choices lead her through experiencing a macrobiotic diet, getting bruised up at rugby tryouts, and being unexpectedly good at debate, Brooklyn has a chance to be herself instead of society-queen Shayne's primped and painted sidekick.

And you can visit - yes, Brooklyn's blog - right now if YOU want blog readers to help YOU make a choice! But remember that there are some decisions that you really have to make for yourself...

Book info: My Life Undecided / Jessica Brody. Farrar Straus & Giroux Books for Young Readers, 2011. [author's website] [publisher site] [book trailer]

Recommendation: Brooklyn didn’t think throwing that party in her mom’s new model home was a bad idea – she just didn’t think at all. Firetrucks, underage drinking, destruction of property – she’s lucky that her parents found a lawyer who got her off with community service. Helping clear the debris of the burned-down model home fits her dumb offense, but 200 hours volunteering in a Denver nursing home? Auggghhhh….

In desperation, Brook decides to anonymously blog about it all – and let her blog readers vote on what she should do next. After all, when was the last time that she made a good decision on her own?

Before the fire, Shayne directed every fashion and makeup choice, since they were both at the top of Parker High’s social ladder – now she snubs her at school. Her older sister Isabelle is perfect at everything. And 10 years after she fell into an abandoned mineshaft as a toddler and was rescued, she’s still recognized as “Baby Brooklyn.”

Eleven people vote in her first poll, and Brook is relieved to go with the majority choice of The Grapes of Wrath for English class. At the nursing home after school, she’s assigned to read to Mrs. Moody, who adores the Choose Your Own Adventure books. Maybe letting others make her decisions will be better after all!

Since she’s letting her blog readers vote on every choice, soon she finds herself trying out for rugby and debate, going to a diner instead of a swanky club opening, and becoming part of a hostage situation (well, she chose that minimart herself). When her blog goes viral, she suddenly has 800,000 readers telling her what to do about the overnight debate trip and which guy to date!

What’s up with Mrs. Moody and that collection of kids’ books? Should Brooklyn decide on her own about going to the Winter Formal? Wait, is Shayne really apologizing for snubbing her?

Brooklyn has to discover some answers for herself in this hilarious, timely, and oh-too-true teen novel. (One of 5,000 books recommended on Review copy courtesy of the publisher.

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