Thursday, April 12, 2012

K for Kidnapping the wrong person - The Night She Disappeared, by April Henry (fiction)

Kayla made the pizza delivery run.
Kayla never came back.
Not the one he asked for,
what to do with her now?

Gabie has to keep working to keep from worrying, has to keep up appearances at home so her overprotective parents don't find out that she was the kidnapper's target, has to keep trying to understand Drew's life on the fringes of society when he wants to stay silent about it.

How Kayla endures being a captive, how her family and friends cope with not knowing whether she's alive or dead, how Gabie and Drew watch every shadow for a clue about the kidnapper... the story is told through conversations, found pieces of paper, 9-1-1 call transcripts, lab reports, and newspaper clippings.

Taut suspense and realistic characters from Oregon author April Henry - grab a copy of The Night She Disappeared, just published this week.

Book info: The Night She Disappeared / April Henry. Henry Holt Books, 2012 [author's website] [publisher site]

My Recommendation: Kayla didn’t return from her pizza delivery and everyone’s worried. Gabie learns that the caller requested her and she’s terrified. What will the kidnapper do with the wrong victim?

Working at Pete’s Pizza after school isn’t a bad job at all – pretty Kayla likes meeting customers, Gabie likes being out of her too-quiet house while both her surgeon parents work late, and Drew needs the money to support his addicted mom. They all go to the same Portland high school, but skateboard slacker Drew doesn’t exactly fit into the girls’ social circles.

When Kayla’s truck is found abandoned by the rushing Columbia River with her purse and the pizzas still inside, police comb the area for clues. Her GPS took her close to the phony address given by the customer, but not much other information is available – until Drew mentions to Gabie that the guy on the phone asked if “the girl who drives the Mini” was doing deliveries that night.

Had he targeted Gabie and gotten Kayla instead? Detectives say that lead won’t help them solve the case and continue questioning everyone at Pete’s and all Kayla’s friends at school. Gabie and Drew decide to track down every possibility themselves, careful not to let her parents know that she was the intended target. Kayla’s parents even bring in a psychic who specializes in missing persons.

As days turn into weeks, hopes for recovering Kayla at all become faint. But Gabie can sense that she’s still alive, trapped in a small space. Can Gabie and Drew find her before it’s too late? Can they keep the kidnapper from snatching Gabie, too? (One of 5,000 books recommended on Review copy and cover image courtesy of the publisher.


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