Sunday, May 6, 2012

Children's Book Week - for everyone (reflective)

Happy Children's Book Week!  Read-to-me kiddos and independent readers, little ones to teens - this week is for you!

There are so many great books - and great book blogs  - out there that readers can find great suggestions for what to read next, be it something brand-new or a classic. Give a try - take a short quiz to find out what Reading SuperHero you are or browse books for babies, kids, tweens, and teens by keyword, genre, and more. (Full disclosure - I contribute many recommendations to abookandahug, but receive no compensation for them).

book cover The Order of the Odd-Fish by James Kennedy published by Random House
courtesy of Random House
Even young readers can be reviewers as the hilarious family conversations about books captured on the Bookie Woogie blog show. Just "some kids and their dad, talkin' about books" their reviews even include the kids' art about the book they've read together. Enjoy their impressions of the wacky and inventive middle-grades book The Order of Odd Fish, by James Kennedy (Random House, 2008) here:

Coincidentally (or perhaps not), I found an interview with Odd-Fish author James Kennedy on another blog last week, following his lengthy visit with the middle school and high school students of Springfield Township, Pennsylvania. He was excited to read what students had written, view their fan art based on his books, and talk with them about writing. 

Whether you're lucky enough to meet authors in person, enjoy a class visit through Skype, follow them on Twitter/their blog/their website, or just learn a bit about them through the blurb on their book covers, you'll find that knowing more about your favorite authors can enhance your reading experience.

Which authors have you met "in real life" and who would you like to meet next?
Happy reading!

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