Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Good intentions (reflective), or "travel changes all good plans"

photo by Katy Manck of  Colorado double rainbow in dark cloudy sky
Colorado double rainbow
The wonderful books I've read and want to recommend to you are there, lined up and waiting patiently on my shelf.

My calendar has their recommendation dates all mapped out, for Mysterious Mondays and World Wednesdays and Fun Fridays.

And today I leave for the International Association of School Librarianship 2012 Conference in Doha, Qatar - with no new recommendations in my "buffer" to be published in the ten days ahead. Sigh...

So while I'm flying and meeting and presenting on the GiggleIT Project for student writing and flying some more, be sure to check out the BooksYALove archives using the Labels (over there --->) to find recommendations of some great YA books that you might have missed.

Rather chuffed to see that two of my recent recommendations are on the UK CILIP Carnegie Medal Longlist for 2013:  Daylight Saving,  by Edward Hogan, and The Apothecary,  by Maile Meloy.
A great time to update your holiday wishlist, right?

And here's a double rainbow to tide y'all over till I get back.
Read on, y'all!

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